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UNIG Infrastructure Company Limited - Unig Holdings Group Company

UNIG Infrastructure Company Limited is one of the enterprises that established the group of companies UNIG HOLDINGS, for the implementation of large-budget, high-performance and technical projects in various sectors of Nigeria

The main activities are limited to the implementation of infrastructure projects. Among which the priority is the following directions:
Construction of engineering networks and communications: pipelines, water supply, oil transportation, drainage, power, telecommunications cables and communication cables, including fiber-optic.
Road construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance. Including roads with a hard (without asphalt) coating with the use of polymeric additives such as “Dorzin”.
Construction of bridges, overpasses, tunnels, pontoon crossings, ferry services.
Civil construction, high-rise construction, supermarkets, warehouses, hotels, office centers and landscaping.
Engineering, project management and design, architectural planning, topographic surveying, geodetic and geological work.
Water supply systems, pressure stations, natural water treatment systems, storm and domestic sewage and sewerage.
Systems of energy supply, solar systems and solar energy, optimization of energy supply, technology “smart house”. Modernization of power plants, restoration, replacement of equipment, hydroelectric power stations, construction of dams.
Systems of land reclamation, irrigation, water supply and sanitation. Installation of drip irrigation systems and circular irrigation systems “Fregat”.
Designing and construction of enterprises for the production of industrial products and food products. Supply of equipment and implementation of effective management.
Extraction of sand. Use of dredgers. Hydraulic deposition of soil and territories. Land reclamation.
Horizontal Directional Drilling. We implement schemes for financing projects through the signing of agreements on the creation of joint activities, concessions, leases, public-private partnerships and, of course, tender contracts
We and our partners are ready to implement the abovementioned works through investment of projects through attraction of both direct investments and long-term loans and creation of joint ventures.