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UNIG Resources Company - Unig Holdings Group Company
UNIG RESOURCES – created for export-import operations and business. Its main task is to supply the necessary products and goods to the Nigerian market. And export to third countries, and above all to the European Union, produced and grown products that are in demand in the world. This allows you to attract foreign currency and promote the state to the markets of third countries. What is very important is Nigeria’s foreign trade balance.

Traditionally, high export potential has cashew nuts and peanuts grown in Nigeria. True, the quality of their processing at national enterprises is extremely low. And exporters sell these products at the same low and dumping prices.

Many are exported palm oil, including palm kernel, coconut oil.

The Nigerian market for wood products has considerable potential, but the lack of modern equipment, dryers and antibacterial treatment of the forest leads to the fact that raw materials are exported from the country for a pittance. Which though it is forbidden to export, but under fake names continues to be exported in huge quantities.

We are more interested in the possibility of processing products to the European level of quality and supplying it to the European market, which is the most expensive in the world. However, it is impossible to sell substandard products there. Even at cheap prices. As for imports, we are focused on delivering quality products to the Nigerian market, but at decent and moderate prices. This is important for Nigeria, where most people live below the poverty line. And the dominance of the Chinese low-quality product does not allow the population to have high-quality products, due to lack of funds and the inability to choose good products at not high prices.

This is the way out in the creation of joint ventures in the territory of Nigeria. Free economic zones are of particular interest. And also import of technologies, modernization of physically and morally obsolete enterprises. Intensive and effective management. Mastering of new types of products.

It is these goals and objectives that we pursue in order to enhance the competitiveness of the Nigerian economy. We prefer to import quality MDF raw materials and here, in Nigeria, to produce furniture from it. This is more correct than supplying finished furniture produced abroad and selling it at much higher prices than produced in Nigeria.

Also for galvanized metal, the delivery of which from abroad, makes it possible to produce in Nigeria as profiled or roofing sheets for roofs - and construction trucks and many other products. Today, high-quality metal is needed in Nigeria, as own metallurgical plants in Djos and Ajakut do not work

No less important direction of imports are machines and equipment for the construction of new and reconstruction and modernization of existing plants. This is not only the release of domestic products, but also jobs, but also taxes to the budget for the development of cities and infrastructure, and improving the welfare of the population.